Terms and conditions


The list of all goods available can be found on www.harddecore.cz.
The distributor does not guarantee immediate availability of all goods. The customer is informed about the availability of each product when they order. The made to order products are usually available within fortnight or a month from placing the order. We are happy to calculate the exact time of the shipping of a particular item on info@harddecore.cz.
All orders placed via the online shop www.harddecore.cz are binding!
By placing the electronic order the customer affirms that s/he is acquainted with these terms and conditions and agrees with them. The order is a purchase contract proposal. The contract comes into effect at the moment of the customer`s taking over of the goods. The electronic order is effective only when all the data and particulars demanded in the form are filled. The place of delivery of the order is the address stated by the customer in the registration form.
The proprietorship to the goods passes to customer on taking them over under the condition of payment of the purchase price.
By filing the registration form or binding order form in the online shop the customer gives consent to collecting and archiving personal data about her/him and her/his purchases in accordance with Act 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection. Collecting of this data serves above all to facilitate the customer`s orders in the future. If the customer agrees s/he will receive information about the store and the newsletter. The distributor does not transfer customers’ personal data to third parties.
The customer or recipient of the goods in her/his own interest is advised to examine the integrity and state of the package and whether the consignment does not show obvious signs of damage. The customer should—in his/her own interest—check that the delivered goods comply with the order and in the event of irregularities promptly inform the on-line shop. In case of damaged packaging please return the consignment immediately to the carrier. Later complaints cannot be considered.
The date of delivery of goods to the customer is the day when the customer physically took over the goods (from the carrier or Harddecore gallery) or when s/he contacted the carrier and re-scheduled delivery.
Cancellation of order by both the customer and supplier is possible. Both parties may cancel the order without giving any reason.
If the order is cancelled by the supplier, he will contact the customer immediately, stating the reason for canceling the order.

If the buyer withdraws an already consigned order (cancels the order after it is packed and sent or does not accept the consignment from the carrier) s/he is obliged to pay a cancellation fee of CZK 200, which covers supplier`s costs associated with shipping the goods. This arrangement also applies to shipments sent cash on delivery if the buyer fails to take it over and therefore does not pay the cost of transportation and handling.

Free shipping means only the discount on merchandise in the amount of traffic. In the event that the buyer chooses to return goods purchased in Action 'free shipping' s/he is also obligated to pay a cancellation fee to cover transportation.

In case the buyer fails to pay the fee of CZK 200 within 10 days of receipt of the documents for payment of the cancellation fee, the debt is handed over to debt recovery specialists.

The buyer has the right under the provisions of § 53 par. 7 of Law no. 40/1964 Civil Code, as amended (the "Civil Code") to terminate the agreement within 14 days of the receipt of goods. If s/he so chooses, the goods with no sign of damage of use or wear must be sent back within the stipulated deadline (the date of dispatch is determinative) to: Senovážné námesti, Prague 1, 110 00.
The seller does not accept damaged goods (tattered, torn, with holes, burnt, cracked, dirty, etc.). Upon receiving the returned goods, the seller will return the appropriate amount to the customer in the previously agreed manner. The cancellation fee for transportation and handling will be deducted from the payed amount (see above).

Dear customer, for easier and faster reimbursement for the returned goods please state your bank account. Please do not send goods for refund in the COD manner. These shipments will not be accepted.

Any complaints of goods purchased at the on-line shop will be handled in accordance with the laws in force in the CR. If the customer wishes to file a complaint for goods purchased, s/he will contact the supplier via e-mail, indicate the type of product, sales document number and description of the defect. The customer will be informed immediately about the next steps. Please do not send back goods without prior agreement.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of goods (or its components) resulting from its use. Shorter product life in such case cannot be considered a fault and it cannot be claimed as such. The warranty does not cover damage to goods caused by improper assembly (procedure does not match the instructions accompanying the product). The warranty period specified by the Civil Code does not apply to customers who use the goods for the purposes of business or resale. The warranty period is intended only for consumers, not for entrepreneurs (purchase on IČ – registration number for entrepreneurs).
Please return the goods appropriately wrapped to the following address: Senovážné náměstí, Prague 1, 110 00. The carrier cannot be liable for poorly packed shipments and goods damaged in transit cannot be taken over for settling the complaint.

The seller is obliged to execute a binding order, send /or pass over/ the ordered goods to the buyer's address. An invoice/tax document for the goods purchased is an integral part of the delivery and it also serves as a document for filing possible complaints.
The seller has the right to refuse execution of the order if the ordering data are incomplete or raise doubts about the real intentions of the customer to order goods. The seller shall send information about this rejection of order to the e-mail address of the customer. The seller has the right to refuse an order if the buyer has repeatedly failed to fulfill his/her commitment to take over the goods and pay the purchase price. The seller has the right to rescind the purchase contract (binding order) if the transaction becomes impossible unless he agrees with the buyer on a new performance.
The buyer is obliged to give correct and complete mailing address to which the ordered goods are to be sent.
The buyer is obliged to take over the merchandise and pay the full price. In the case of the dispatch cash on delivery and non-acceptance of goods the buyer is obliged to pay the costs incurred to the seller for packaging and shipment (amount stated on the invoice for items shipping and handling) not later than 10 calendar days since the return of shipment by carrier.
The buyer has the right to cancel the order (until it is shipped by the seller) or return the goods within 14 days of delivery (in these cases the seller pays the cost of shipping and handling - see above).
These terms and conditions apply in the form stated on the website of the seller at the date of sending the electronic order by the buyer. The supplier reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.
By sending the electronic order form the buyer fully accepts all the terms and conditions in force at the date the order is sent, as well as the price of ordered goods valid on the day of sending the order, including shipping and postage stated in the catalog of the online store www.harddecore.cz, unless it has been clearly stated otherwise in a particular case. If the price of an item changes after a binding order has been submitted and goods dispatched it has no effect on the execution of the order.

Participants agree explicitly within the meaning of the provisions. § 262 paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code, that unless the conditions expressly state otherwise, their rights and obligations adhere to the Commercial Code provisions. § 409 et seq.

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